Welcome to Leech BA

We provide Barbarian Assault related boosting services in exchange for osrs gold pieces.
You pay to AFK!

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How to get started

HD board

Leech BA works with a queue system.
To skip queue, customers may pay extra to join priority queue.

To get added to the queue:

  • Join LBA Discord;
  • Request a leech in #customer-chat;
  • Wait until you get pinged in #customer-calls;
  • Pay team and AFK!
Make sure your discord status is set to any form of “online” or else you’ll be marked invisible on queue by our queue bot!
*DO NOT ping @Ranks more than once unless you want to upgrade to priority price!

You can join Leech BA Discord by pressing the button below.

... but how does leeching work?

Barbarian Assault minigame needs 5 players to defeat the Penance Queen.

Our 4-man team will be carrying you through the game while you AFK on a safespot and receive reward points.

The team will be performing all the roles you need, all you need to do is keep your account logged in!

Earning enough honor points will allow you to purchase ANY reward from Commander Connad’s* reward shop at Barbarian Outpost.

*Please note that the minimum order is Kandarin Hard Diary purchase (Penance Queen kill).
This will also make you complete the Medium Kandarin diary step in one go.
**Full list of all possible loot may be found on the Barbarian Assault Wikipedia page of Oldschool RuneScape.


Penance Fighter Torso barbarian assault leech ba


Check out our vouches!
We have an actively updated #vouches thread on LBA Discord, a RuneScape forums vouch thread since 2013 and MANY twitch / youtuber shoutouts.

10 000+ people can't be wrong.

What is Discord and what if I don't have it?

Discord is a platform for gamers to talk in text, voicechat or share memes!

Creating a Discord account is free!
Get started by visiting https://discord.com

There are thousands of RuneScape discords servers, including:
+Leech BA (OsRs / RS3)
+RuneLite (custom OSRS client thats approved by Jagex)
+Official Oldschool Runescape (with Pmods!)
… and many more Raids and PVM Discords (Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, God Wars Dungeon etc)!

Don’t miss out on amazing communities filled with fellow RuneScape players and potential new friends!

We only join “Leech BA” friends chat when we’re about to start a run.
If you still don’t want to make a Discord account, you can ask any rank in friends chat “Leech BA” to organize PRIORITY PRICED team for you.