What IS Leech BA?

Established in 2012

The year is 2012, the 19th of February. A group of exceptional individuals come together unaware that they’ll change the lives of thousands of people.

Those people were Rietz, Morphy, Starzai, and Moz.

Their passion for the minigame attracted more people to the minigame, setting new goals and continuously breaking BA speed records, and introducing the first 1hr torso to the Oldschool RuneScape community.

Leech BA is undeniably one of the oldest active RuneScape clans. We may have lost a lot of people along this journey and moved majority of business to Discord, but this clan is not a company nor any type of business but instead, a guild of like-minded individuals inside an online MMORPG, and the true treasure is not the gold, but the friends and memories we made along the way.

We look forward to your stay.

Leech BA staff


Our purpose is to carry people through BA minigame in exchange of in-game gold pieces. You pay to AFK!


We have been doing leeches since 2012 and to prove that, we have a long vouch section on Discord which also includes all YouTuber + Twitch streamers' shoutouts!

How does this work?