Collector guide

Collecting in Leeches

As a collector, your main objectives are:

  • to collect as many eggs as possible. 4 eggs = 1 point.
  • to recoil as much damage as possible without risking death. 1 recoil death on any penance fighter/ranger can potentially save 6s from the wave.
  • lure healers and drink divine potions in waves 1/2 so the healer can achieve even more points.

How to achieve this?

After filling inventory, here are two ways to efficiently destroy eggs:

(in works)
wave 1/2 luring + splitting healers + divs
early waves go nuts but DD under attackerby 30 sec
AC block waves 6+
collecting during halberds (example)
understanding halberd mechanics (example of 3 x 1 mob line and att spec middle one)
blah blah



Max main – as your defense level will be too high, it is recommended to bring stat reducing gear.

70hp 70 def alt – the minimum stats allowed to leech by old standards.

80hp 60 def – all pieces of dragon equipment should be worn waves 6+ at all times

99hp 45def zerk – Ring of Suffering (r) is a must have along with max def gear. Missing a single piece of armor will result in death waves 8/9 with inexperienced attackers or stack pull.

no fucking pures even with max 1-def armor, eat shit

(placeholder image)

Advanced collecting methods below


-blocking w2/3 runners (lol)
-zombie hand / diango claws / marionette collecting
-luring w5 healers on def/att runs
-luring first healer w7 into cannon “pocket” then going back west into a/c block before 30sec
-shooting cannon as coll 7/8/9 to secure 84/84/96 with mediocre healer in team
-blue 9
-luring w10 healer when heal fucks up n late spawn?