Penance fighter torso

Just got 40 defence on your character and want an upgrade for your ironman? Daze and amaze everyone with a well-toned body that gives comes built in within the six-pack of the TORSO!

Giving +4 STR bonus it will guarantee you a +1 melee max hit!
Also +85 slash defence - a direct upgrade from rune platebody!

For high level accounts this item is a requirement for Master Clue step by Falo the Bard. Hunting Bloodhound is tough, don't drop clues because of not having a Fighter Torso!

Kandarin hard + Kandarin elite diary

Kandarin hard diary will get you: Granite Body, Queen kill (1), Kandarin medium diary AND points enough for 1 torso role completed! Easy!

Kandarin elite diary is a long order of getting 1400 points in 4x roles, lucky for you we do that too!
Note: regular queue customers will be served in 1+1+1,5hr sessions.

Our ranks LOVE doing single Penance Queen kill orders.

Other barbarian assault rewards

Fighter hat? Ranger hat? Mager hat? We do them all!

Every single Barbarian Assault reward shop item can be requested! Even though Penance boots and gloves don't get that much use, RuneScape completionists and fashionscape enthusiasts still can be seen ordering even Penance skirt.

Just look at this guy with Runner hat! Now thats someone who knows how to open the pickle jar in first try.


Frequently asked questions about barbarian assault services and leeching in general.

You pay only when your team calls for you. You have to pay before the leech starts, we do not start until you trade us.

Yes, preferably you bring the account paying with you to wave 1. We can also come trade you in a f2p world and, on certain circumstances, pick up dropped items from your ironman.

To order our services you need to join the queue on our discord. When you join our server you will see a guide on how to use our queue system.

This depends on what priority you choose and how many people are ahead of you in the queue. It also depends how often our Leech Ba ranks are forming teams to play.

A full queen kill takes ranks around 14 minutes, a torso takes 4 queen kills to complete which in turn takes around an hour.

Nothing. Almost nothing, you just pick the role you are told, then you run to the west cannon every wave.

No we do not. You won’t be doing anything in the minigame, everything will be done for you to progress through the waves and get the necessary points.

Yes! Just make sure your connection is decent and you have the time to do it.

We have even leeched truckers!

The payment is split between 4 in-game ranks, so we only take OSRS GP.
As we do not promote gold sites, we recommend purchasing Old School membership Bonds and selling them to Grand Exchange.

*If you only have ironman account, you’ll have to make a lvl 3 acc and give it 1 bond for membership to be eligible for trading.

You may purchase bonds at:

Yes, you can read this statement on the Old School Runescape website.

Rules Clarification – Account Services (

It depends on the service you’re requesting and how many points you have, but yes, you can possibly get a discount.

Check our #become-a-rank section on discord and if you can do the strategies described there then you can request a trial in the fittingly named #request-a-trial section.