Trials to become a Leech ba rank?

 Undeniably one of the best consistent Runescape moneymaking methods has to be selling barbarian assault leeches, which also will allow you to meet new people, and ideas and unlock the fastest way to get Penance Queen pet from the Barbarian Assault minigame.

Since the competition is tough, we’ll be trialing all potential ranks first to see if they perform at the required skill level.


To request a trial you can do so by asking it in our Discord section #request-a-trial.
Before we allow players to fill teams in Leech BA, at least one trial must be passed.

To even consider trialing, the player must meet the minimum requirements of:
-Level 5 in all roles
-70+ hitpoints & 70 defence
-Shown activity within any BA community, such clans as: BA School, Speed BA or Casual BA.

To see guides, click on the button below.


What do we look for in a trial?

 Note: Below are the **IDEAL** requirements, not doing certain things will not mean a fail.


Perfect attacker trial will include:

Getting reserves out on time
Stacking/restacking rangers and fighters
Scythe or spec at 30 seconds on waves 3-5
Speccing on cycle wave 6+
A/C block
Tagging fresh ranger spawns ASAP
Shooting rangers out of stack
Tagging east fighters

Combat stat/item requirements:
80+ Attack
90+ Strength
90+ Range
Void, Crystal Halberd and Dinh’s Bulwark



*Perfect healer trial will include*:

Getting wave 1 & wave 2 vials out on time
Blocking last runner waves 2 & 3
Blocking new spawns waves 4+
Utilizing the healer slide waves 5+
Overstock 5, 6, 8, 9
Double overstock wave 7 attempt (not penalized if 78+)
Getting reserves out on time (not too early or late)
Decent spam
Recognizing your rps on later waves
Not chasing rps west unless absolutely necessary
Overall time under 13:15


*Perfect defender trial will include*:

Having the imcando hammer
Placing your trap/trail/mainstack food on time
Early wave bumping first E runner
Recognizing early wave crashes
North-west food placement on waves 2+3
Dodging 18 aggro on wave 3
No log waves 4 & 5
Losing the correct healers
Being to logs by 24s
Recognizing double/triple westie and SS-S crashes
Delaying until 12s+ waves 5+
Dodging 24 aggro and any return method of the 48 healer on wave 6
No log or similar method that keeps 42 healer north on wave 7
Any preferred method of getting timely horn lures on wave 8
2-1-5*-2 code or similar on wave 9


We do not trial collector role. You must pass in any of the other 3 roles first.
Upon passing a trial, you are required to learn the leech Collector role.

There are several guides/examples for collectors within LBA discord that are available for you to view once you pass a trial.

Star vouches

The only way to receive a rank without a trial is to get a vouch from a star rank. To get star vouch you should be making contact with any star who can reserve the right to either help you or not, based on your own commitment to the minigame and the clan
ADDITIONAL NOTE: RANKS DO NOT TRANSFER FROM ANY OTHER CCS. We are the ones who judge how much rank is trusted!

Passing in a single role = Recruit (1 nana in cc) two roles = Corporal (2 nanas in cc) three roles = Sergeant (3 nanas in cc).
If you happen to pass your trial, you will have to keep up the performance – if found that you’re underperforming consistently you will get de-ranked to a ‘Smiley’ rank where you’ll have 2 weeks to improve before a full de-rank.

If you happen to fail your trial, the trialer decides how long you have to wait until your re-trial. Traditionally this period is 1 week.